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 Our Services:

Active Assailant Survival Training: Beyond, "Run, Hide, Fight." School, Workplace, and Random Violence Survival


It seems as if every week we’re hearing of another workplace, school, public space shooting. 


What you may not know is that through comprehensive study of these events dating back decades, best practices have been established that can help you survive this kind of dynamic event. The Secret Service has been training to thwart active shooters for over 100 years. Our founder's knowledge in this area is unsurpassed, and goes beyond "run, hide, fight." Let us put it to work for you.


We can come to your place of business, place of worship, community gathering, etc., and train you in these survival tactics to give you the best chance of staying alive. We do this by discussing lessons learned from past incidents, and talking through scenarios. 

Situational awareness is emphasized. Among other common, everyday situations, this block also presents strategies for being safe as you exercise, drive, fly, stay in hotels, and actions to take to make your home safer. 


1 to 1.5 hour block of instruction: Includes an examination of past active shooter events and instruction on best practices for surviving an active shooter event at houses of worship, malls, workplaces, and outdoor settings - $4,000 for a group of up to 25. Every person over 25 will be an additional $100.00.

These sessions close out with question and answer session.

Threat and Risk Assessments and PA Act 55 Training for School Systems


Do you know where your school is vulnerable to crimes or where a bad actor could access your buildings to commit acts of violence? Are you ready to begin the mandated Act 55 training on Situational Awareness, Training in Emergency Drills, and Creating Threat Assessment Teams?


The decades of experience that our founder has in securing facilities and threat assessment can be brought to your school district to help you create an enhanced level of security

Capitol Security Consultants is certified by the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency to conduct threat and risk assessments for school districts. We will do a thorough examination of your property and recommend intelligent, practical, sustainable countermeasures. We are also certified to conduct mandated Act 55 training on Situational Awareness and Emergency Drill Training. Per Act 55, we are also certified to train your district on the creation of Threat Assessment Team(s).

Pricing varies. Please call or email for details.

Threat and Risk Assessments for Private Residences, Businesses, and Houses of Worship


Do you know where your home, business, or place of worship is vulnerable to crimes ranging from burglary to vandalism to acts of violence?


The decades of experience that our founder has in risk, vulnerability, and threat assessment can be brought to your premises to help create an enhanced level of security. We will do a thorough examination of your property and recommend intelligent, practical, sustainable countermeasures.

We guarantee that you will sleep better at night after our consultation. 

Pricing varies. Please call or email for details.

Self Defense


You don’t need to be a hand-to-hand combat expert to save your own life. The self-defense techniques that we teach are easily learned by any age and skill level. They are designed to give you that 30 second window that you can use to get away from your assailant. 

Our founder is an American Sports and Fitness Association (ASFA) certified self-defense instructor, and the knowledge that he accrued in 22 years as a Special Agent with the United States Secret Service makes this training effective, practical, and unique.  

Training includes situational awareness discussions as well as hands on practical exercises.

Training usually takes 1.5 hours and stresses situational awareness and targets counteractions to the most common situations that men and women find themselves in when they are assaulted. This training goes beyond the common situations and also touches on refined movements and improvised weapons. 


Price - $100.00/person (Limited to 24 participants):

Child Safety Presentations

Our founder spent 3 1/2 years as the Secret Service liaison to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. During this assignment, he gained a comprehensive knowledge of the tactics that predators used to lure children, both in the world and online.


These presentations go beyond “stranger danger” to teach you and your children the best practices to avoid being victimized.


These one hour presentations are conducted in two formats:


1. For parents and children: This is a format that speaks to the child and parent, and educates them about ways to keep themselves safe. We will discuss strategies to employ if the child is ever approached, in real life or online, by someone who may want to cause them harm. Safety around the home is also covered in this presentation. The parents and children will leave with a heightened sense of awareness, strategies to develop family safety plans, and conversation starters for family discussions about safety.


2. For parents only: This presentation, which is NOT suitable for children, is a frank discussion about the tactics and techniques that predators use to lure children and teens. Case studies of past incidents are discussed to demonstrate patterns of behavior, both by the criminals and their victims, that led to tragic situations. We discuss the best practices that parents should use to protect their children, and leave you with suggestions on ways to talk to your children about personal safety and responsible digital citizenship.

Pricing – Varies by group size. Please call or email for details.

Private Executive Protection

Our founder's 22 years of Secret Service experience gives us the unique ability to protect you, your business, and the people that you love. We are not just bodyguards. We are expertly trained protection professionals.


Your protection would include advance preparation for your movements, briefings with you regarding any actionable intelligence related to you or your interests, recommended mitigations, and security agents who will remain with you for the duration of the assignment.

Pricing varies. Please call or email for details.

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